Variac is the a variable autotransformer. A variable autotransformer is a single-coil transformer in which two portions of the same coil are used as the primary and the secondary. Variable autotransformers are used for the same purposes as regular transformers, but handle lower voltages

Varsan Variac Features:

  • Mechanically optimized great new generation design
  • Stable and efficient operation during high current & temperature action
  • Minimum unload current loss thanks to great quality inner metal core
  • Long lifetime units without loss any working efficiency
  • 100% pure COPPER wiring
  • Motor drive control option for all units
  • Enclosed (box) type option for all units
  • Box type features; Voltage selector cam switch, Input Automatic Circuit Breaker, Digital Voltmeter & Amperemeter, Signal Lamp
  • Custom made production availability with thanks to 35 years variac manufacturing experience.
  • We can make every production desired properties on order.